woman’s work: the forth dimension

November 1st, 2010

Jane Wurwandby Jane Wurwand

As you already know, I was honored, privileged and very excited to participate in the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) which took place at the end of September in NYC. I had been aware of this important summit conference for some time, but there could not be a more perfect time for Dermalogica to enter the game and play an active role.

The three original pillars of the CGI were: green technology, economic solvency, and health — as in, world health care. All huge. But in 2009, the fourth pillar was added to the global CGI agenda: girls’ and women’s issues. Bill Clinton’s thinking is that the original three areas are critically impacted by the state of women’s lives, in every way. Smart guy, that Bill.

From a working standpoint, CGI unites leadership representing three business models: public sector, private sector, and government. Again, insightful. Because when non-profit folks work on their own, they tend to get a bit starry-eyed. When captains of industry stay within their own spheres of power, they atrophy… and so on.

The timing is so right because of Dermalogica’s launch of F.I.T.E. (Financial Independence Through Women’s Entrepreneurship). I did meet one-on-one with President Clinton while I was in NYC. I told Bill that his book on “Giving” helped our company to identify Kiva.org as our partner in helping 25,000 women entrepreneurs start or grow their businesses as the mission of the FITE initiative. He was warm, genuine, and strong, and told me he’s expecting us to report back to him on our progress, same time next year.

And a word about Hillary. Okay, that unfortunate photo of her that was circulated a few weeks ago with the hair-clip was indeed a fashion faux-pas. But let’s get real: the media just give her a hard time because she’s very smart, ambitious, and tough. I was frankly surprised when I saw her at CGI — she’s a “stealth” beauty. I think that she consciously plays down her looks. She’s actually much more chic, petite and youthful in person. No kidding — the word ‘luminous’ sprang to my mind.

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