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Our Team

we’re passionate about what we do and thrive on making a difference everyday.

Our aim is to inspire you to become one of the best Professional Skin Therapists in the world by providing you with the tools and experience you’ll need to be successful in our industry… and in life. Find out for yourself. Come visit the academy, receive a complementary treatment, attend a class and spend some time with us to see if Dermalogica Academy is right for you.

Shea Drasser – education

Shea is obsessed with skin. Even as a teen she made her own toner from Long Island sea water and masques in her mom’s kitchen. Shea became our lead therapist at our SoHo flagship store where she was awarded with accolades in Allure, Time Out New York and Inked magazines. When we launched the academy, Shea knew she had tobe a part of it. Shea also holds a national championship in baton twirling. It’s a good thing our ceilings are high, just in case she wants to show off a little.

Taryn Johnston – education

Taryn began her adventure to become a Skin Therapist at a very early age practicing on her dolls. After graduating from college, she enrolled in esthetics school, got her license, opened her own practice and built a huge client base. When she was asked her to become an educator, she knew teaching was the next logical step. A city girl at heart, Taryn moved to New York, became a master educator at IDI and then joined the academy bringing with her a diverse experience and knowledge… and great sense of humor. She’s also our waxing Jedi Master. We should know… we’re all pretty hairless.

Sarah Longton – education

Growing up in a small town Sarah dreamt about traveling, experiencing different cultures, and becoming a Skin Therapist. During her course at esthetics school, she hoped one day she’d join the Dermalogica team. When she walked into Dermalogica SoHo we wouldn’t let her leave and now she’s in charge of it. At the Academy she shares her inspiring passion for all things skin with all who have it… and she can still find time for a little salsa dancing. Sarah’s dreams of travel, culture and being part of our team all came true, without ever leaving Manhattan.

Alison Erion – education

Alison grew up on a farm in Queens. Well, the Queens part is true. At 12, she too tried making her own skin potions from her own herbal recipes. Alison knows a lot about a lot of things, like how to effectively treat acne to the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow… whatever that is? She’s a huge history buff and loves all things vintage, especially clothes but her true passion lies in leading passionate new Skin Therapists to discover their greatness… and maybe their airspeed velocity.

Gary Castaneda – administration

Gary knew he’d live in a big city growing up in central California. After college graduation and thinking about medical school, he went on holiday to Australia for 2 weeks and wound up staying in Sydney for almost a year. Back in the US, Gary worked for a pharmaceutical company until finding Dermalogica and his passion for skincare. Holding multiple positions within the company, managing Undergraduate Schools was the most rewarding. Gary mentors our next generation of Skin Therapists and thrilled to be able do it in the greatest city in the world.

Steven Frost – administration

Steven’s mom was passionate about taking care of her skin and made sure her children were too. When a new product line came out, she’d mount an invasion of the household bathrooms like a SWAT team and make a preemptive strike for regime change. Steven found his other passion for education working for a software company that published educational games for kids. Realizing that education changes lives, he changed his blending his background in business, education and passion for skincare.