meet our education team

Our Team

we’re passionate about what we do and thrive on making a difference everyday.

Our education team is comprised of successful skin therapists who have chosen to be lifelong learners and are committed to mentoring and coaching the future professionals entering the competitive salon, spa and medical market. Our team is passionate, knowledgeable and you’ll see that each member is as unique as our curriculum. Learning happens in a fast-paced environment, full of like-minded professionals who are striving to be the best in our industry.

Shea Amiruddin

Shea is obsessed with skin and very crafty. As a kid she made her own toner from Long Island sea water and avocado masques in her mom’s kitchen. She gave up the sea water and avocados when she got her license but still make all sorts of things from crocheting and beading to custom essential oil blends. Not only a master educator at the academy, Shea also holds a national championship in baton twirling. We have high ceilings… just in case she wants to show off a little.

Sarah Longton

Sarah grew up in a small town in Michigan and graduated from an even smaller beauty school. She hoped one day to live in a big city, join the Dermalogica team and learn to salsa dance. So she picked up and moved to New York, became the manager of our Concept store, joined the Academy where she shares her inspiring passion for skin and takes salsa lessons on the side. Sarah is a small town girl who dreamt big… and all her dreams came true in the Big Apple.

Alison Erion

Alison grew up on a farm in Queens… well, the Queens part is true. At 12, she too tried making skin potions from her own herbal recipes. Alison knows a lot about a lot of things, but mostly about skin care and vintage clothing. Her passion lies in leading new skin therapists to discover their greatness… and sometimes she does just that in a Civil War hoop skirt.

Tamara Crowley

Tamara is an identical twin and the queen of brows, Her mantra is “brows are sisters, not twins.” Once she gets ahold of yours, you will never own them again; they will belong to her. She was inspired to be a skin therapist and educator after she was wowed by our head of Global Education during an unexpected visit to her school. You never know who might change your life but we know Tamara has changed ours… or was it her twin?

Amy Pellot

Amy began as a make-up artist inspired by comic book superheroes. She has transformed runway models during Fashion Week, kept actors in character on film and taught special effects make-up at MAC. Knowing that make-up can only look great if the skin is healthy, she wanted to do more than just cover it up and became a skin therapist. Her mission is to inspire future skin therapists and marvel at their transformative healing ability… just like Wolverine.

Barbara Prete

Barbara is a master skin therapist but is known around the tri-state area as the laser mistress. She has blinded us with the science of light wavelengths, frequency and jewels, but give her a week and she’ll have you feeling like Luke Skywalker expertly waving a lightsaber and wiping out hair, pigmentation and wrinkles at the speed of light… complete with Klingon safety goggles.