laser course

Dermalogica Academy Classroom

Increase your skills and further your career by becoming a Certified Laser Specialist
in less than a week

Our accelerated 5 day cosmetic laser training program focuses on the essential parameters technicians must fully understand in order to perform safe and effective treatments. The Dermalogica Academy comprehensive course incorporates all laser types giving you a broad knowledge base and designed to ensure your success performing procedures with lasting results.

You’ll discover the science behind the technology and gain the practical experience on live models with top of the line equipment from Candela, the leading manufacturer of cosmetic lasers with 10 million treatments performed annually by over 25,000 physicians, technicians and licensed skin therapists.

Our program is approved by the New York State Education Department and is also recognized by the Marine Agency representing Lloyds of London with regard to insurance for laser technicians.

Course Length: 38 hours

Course Schedule: Sunday through Thursday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Registration requirements: You must hold a current license as an Esthetician, Cosmetologist, RN, LPN, Physician’s Assistant, Physician or a Certified Electrologist

Application for Enrollment

Contact us or call today to register. 212-243-3000

Course Outline

  • Laser and IPL Treatment Theory and Hair Removal
  • Bacteriology Sanitation & Disinfection
  • Structure and Functions of Skin
  • Structure and Functions of Hair
  • Endocrine System
  • Basic Laser / IPL Theory
  • Introduction to Case Study Format
  • Laser / IPL Safety
  • Equipment and Supplies
  • Work Area Setup
  • Consultation
  • Indications and Contraindications
  • Outcomes
  • Demonstration / Hair Removal
  • Hands On Practice
  • Business Development